HUIFENG Enterprise is an economic entity of science, engineering and commercial trade composed by Shanghai Huifeng Chemical Engineering Institute, Suzhou Huifeng Lubricant Co.,Ltd., and Shanghai Huifeng Petroleum &Chemical Co.,Ltd. The company specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of various advanced lubricants and grease that meet the needs of sophisticated industrial equipments.

HUIFENG has selfowned intellectual property rights and a professional Research & Development team which offers technical supports for new products, as well as provides customers with personalized solutions regarding lubrication technology. The company owns an area of nearly 10,000 squaremeter meters for its standardized workshops. Meanwhile, it possesses all kinds of up to date production facilities and testing apparatuses in order to satisfy customers' demands.

HUIFENG is committed to develop lubricants that reach the worldadvanced level and expand the application of these products in the market. So far the company has brought out a variety of oil products that are qualified to replace the imported ones,and has been widely used in many domestic industries (e.g.,military,display,illuminating, solar energy, coating, refrigeration, etc.).The quality of most HUIFENG products reaches or overruns the standards of same kinds abroad.